CMHC has recently advised us that there will be a 6% PST charge on all Mortgage Default insurance premiums (CMHC/GE/Canada Guaranty) as of August 1/2017

Notice to Mortgage Brokers June 8, 2017

Re: Saskatchewan provincial sales tax to apply to mortgage loan insurance premiums and surcharges

CMHC will be required to collect 6% provincial sales tax (PST) on premiums and surcharges for full or partial loan advances made on or after August 1, 2017.

***This change is the result of the recently announced amendments to Saskatchewan’s provincial sales tax.**

Premiums in Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec are already subject to provincial sales tax.

The Saskatchewan PST will be payable on premiums paid for all mortgage loan insurance transactions. The provincial sales tax cannot be added to the loan amount.

What does this mean for YOUR Mortgage?

If your possession date is on or after August 1/2017 there will be a 6% PST charge on your CMHC premium


Purchase $450,000.00

Minimum 5% downpayment $22,500.00


+CMHC premium $17,100.00 (4% surcharge/minimum 5% down)

=Total mortgage $444,600.00

*TOTAL PST required at lawyers office payable=$1026.00 (6% of the CMHC premium)

This PST cannot be financed as part of the mortgage and is only applicable on insured mortgages (CMHC/GE/Canada Guaranty)

Looking to purchase a home soon?
Having the mortgage approval in place and taking possession before AUGUST 1/2017 will save you this additional PST cost.

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