Have been seeing awesome and super inspirational posts relating to “International Women’s Day” and it made me want to reach out and give a huge shout out and pat on the back to every lady out there that is kicking butt and shaking their “Flawsome” all over the place!

flawsome: (adjective)

an individual who embraces their “flaws” and knows they are awesome regardless.

As Women we wear so many hats.  I don’t have to list the hats…. you all know what they are.

The balancing act that we do every day is seriously impressive.

Today is a day – set aside to celebrate and lift up all of our co-workers, sisters, friends, Mothers, daughters, and all those awesome Women out there to let them know how much we LOVE them and how “flawsome” we think they are!

My posts are always very Mortgage and industry driven….so I thought that TODAY I would let you know a little more about ME.  The lady that wears a “mortgage hat” nearly 24/7 but fits in all kinds of other amazing “life stuff” along the way!

I am currently a Wife/”Farm wife“(to an incredible husband), Step Mother (to 2 outstanding kiddos…that are not really “kiddo’s anymore), Daughter (to the best parents and in-laws a girl could ask for), Sister (to my siblings & siblings in-law who have become some of my best friends over the years), Aunt (to the cutest kids on the planet), Friend (to some of the most important people in my life), Boss lady (to an amazing assistant) and a Mortgage Broker (to an incredible network of clients and colleagues that continue to support and refer to me since 2005).

In my lifetime-I have always had 2-3+ jobs. Not always because I needed them…although in my 20’s I sure did!  I just LOVE being busy! I thought the need to have multiple income streams would end in my 30’s once we were more settled and secure…but… as mentioned previously I LOVE BEING BUSY! So the chaos has never ended.

Disclaimer: most of the chaos in my world (past, present …and I am sure future) is all “self inflicted” chaos. AND it’s awesome.

I have had the opportunities to mentor some of the top producing Brokers in the Country, earn awards year over year for being a top producer myself,  I have been an active business partner both in the mortgage world and with my previous furniture store (First Ave Furnishings closed in January of 2018), I have made a big dent in my bucket list of travelling the world (with the above mentioned incredible husband)….and most recently to add to my resume -I have learned to operate a Combine (successfully)!

Like most of you- I have learned (over the years) how to stretch myself much(much) too thin…wearing all these “hats”- but I would not go back and change anything for the world.

Today I am sitting back and appreciating the lessons I have learned over the years, the support I have had and the opportunities I’ve been given.

One of the best pieces of advice I have ever been given is “do not wish it away”.  We get SO busy with our kiddos, and activities, and work and family engagements, and, and, and….that sometimes we are looking forward to a certain stage of our lives to transition to the next.  Don’t do it.  Do not wish it away because it moves WAY too fast. 

Wearing all these hats does not mean that we are doing a bad job in any one of the areas mentioned above. It means we are DAMN GOOD at multi-tasking and shaking that “flawesome” all over the place!

I have had the opportunity in the last 12 months to “slow down”.

In my world that means: kiddos have moved out on their own, I only have “one” job (Mortgage Broker) and I am still the “farm wife” to the incredible hubby. I have the downtown office that I can work from at my leisure- but I choose to spend most of my days working from my amazing home office!

I can work as many hours a day as I need (day or night) and still easily find time for the balance that I have tended to ignore for most of my adult life.

WHO would not LOVE working from this space!  

So moral of the story: Celebrate you today!  Whatever you do, whoever you are, whatever titles you give yourself- “just do you”.  (one if my sister/BFF’s favorite sayings)

AND: Why all the selfies?  WELL…that is ME.

Do you every have those days you get ready (for no real reason) and think WOW I look great! (selfie snap)

And then those days you roll out of bed and need to get ready for work, meetings, an event…and think…OMG….how will I ever look pretty?? (wrinkles, bags under the eyes, fuzzy hair…you know what I mean.) These selfies (snapped on only the best hair days) are my inspiration on “fuzzy hair” days to “suit up”, put a smile on, and continue to shake that flawesome all over the place!

Happy International Women’s Day to each and every one of you!

Tammy Wandzura

Mortgage Broker