It is official the Mortgage Default Insurance premium has increased effective today June 1/2015 for those buyers looking to put down less than 10%

The premium has increased from 3.15% to 3.60%

All 3 insurers; CMHC, GE and Canada Guaranty have adopted the new increase for June 1/2015.



The increase really does not reflect as a huge increase to monthly carrying costs or approval ratios for a majority of home owners.

Purchase Price $300,000.00

5% downpayment =$15,000.00


+ CMHC premium @ higher 3.60% $10,260.00

=$295,360.00 Total mortgage

@ a standard rate of 2.69% 5 year fixed=$1350.77/month (vs the $1344.90 with the lower premium)

A difference of $5.87/month

With fixed costs generally slightly ever increasing with inflation it is important to have someone working for you to save you as much money and money in interest through the life of your mortgage as possible!

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