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THE defining KEY to any successful mortgage transaction is using a Mortgage Professional that has a process in place that will help you quickly meet your needs and goals.

For most people that includes:

  1. Information on the process
  2. A pre-approval
  3. The BEST rate
  4. Flexible lending options
  5. Easy communcation
  6. Smooth overall transaction from beginning to end ** in a timely manner.

We are NOT the BANK.

We are Provincially legislated to work “in the consumers best interests”.

We are obligated to find you the BEST rate and the best lending solution for your unique criteria.

Our services to you are FREE.

We may ask the HARD questions upfront. We may need additional information upfront.

We are on “TEAM YOU”.

We want to find ways to provide an approval that best suits your needs today and in the future.

We do not want to find ways to decline your file. We are in the industry of creating happiness and approvals.

By contacting my office you are asking for my help to solidify the BEST mortgage approval for you.

I have been a Mortgage Broker since 2005 and have the “tried and true” processes in place to make this a great experience from application to possession date.




Does your credit have to be checked? YES.

  • You are applying to borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars.
    • Your credit must be checked.
    • There is no exception to this rule.
  • Your credit health is very important to us. Our goal is to assist you with your mortgage transaction(s) until you are mortgage free. In order to provide you the best options now and in the future; we help you maintain a strong credit profile by providing tips and advice.
  • Based on today’s Federally mandated mortgage rules; your credit score will determine your borrowing power and your rate.  We cannot provide you the info you need to make decisions unless we review your credit profile.

If you have pulled your own credit off of Credit Karma or Equifax – can we use that? NO.

Can we provide a “rate quote” without a full application? NO.

Can we run numbers without a full application? NO.

HOW does THE PROCESS help?

Collecting the appropriate information UP FRONT will save you time, frustration and money.

  • Knowing exactly what you qualify for on your PRE-approval before you start house hunting will save you the wasted time of looking at homes OR getting your heart set on a home that you may not qualify for at final approval.
  • Collecting information and us asking the “hard questions” up front will save you the frustration of additional requirements.
  • It saves you money on home inspections and other costs associated with proceeding with an offer on a home (that the bank needs to review and support)
  • It allows us to provide you the information you need to make an informed decision on the biggest investment you will ever make.



  1. APPLY online at 
  2. We will be in touch in 24 hours OR LESS to clarify any details or touch on any additional information we may need.
  3. Once the extra info is collected we will determine if we need to meet in person ASAP, collect more information or provide you the info you need to start house hunting.
  4. All documentation is to be sent via email or fax.
  5. Depending on your UNIQUE situation; we may require some up front paperwork to review (this ensures we are providing you the most accurate information).
  6. We will provide you your pre-approval numbers and RATELOCK your file to ensure that you have the best rate locked in place while you shop.
  7. We will provide you step by step guidance that will assist you every step of the way.

Is the process the same for everyone? YES.

We are able to collect the base line information upfront via online application.

Even if you have a very UNIQUE situation we need the base line info via ONLINE application.

Everyone’s situation is UNIQUE and our experience in dealing every kind of different situation; allows us to quickly determine what direction we may be able to take with your file.  We may need extra information from you. The online application gives us the “bones” of the information as a starting point to get the ball rolling.

Do we need to meet in person? NO.

In some cases we will set a time to meet in person immediately upon reviewing the application.

In most cases the application and the pre-approval are done electronically.

Doesn’t it take longer to start ONLINE vs setting up a meeting? NO.

We are very speedy. Our process allows us to efficiently and effectively communicate with you every step of the way.

Mortgages. Simplified.

All meetings are by appointment only

We KNOW what our lenders will or will not accept on your final application -when you find the perfect home.

There are TWO KINDS of mortgage pre-approvals. They are not all created equally.

Providing base line information to your bank or broker and getting a “pre-approval” without a Credit review,  providing any additional info or paperwork.

In this case the banker or broker may be telling you what you want to hear- but not asking the required questions that would provide you the defined information you need to ensure a smooth process that you understand from beginning to end.

The information that MUST be gathered on ANY mortgage application (across Canada) is the same.  You will be asked for this information at some point.  If the hard questions are asked at the end…will it affect the pre-approval that was provided? 

**We will not provide this kind of pre-approval. **

Providing ALL of the information requested from your Mortgage Broker and getting a pre-approval and “pre-qualification”.

In this case we request all of your information upfront. This allows us to do our job for you. This ensures there are no last minute surprises.

This ensures we are considering all of the lender(s) and Government guidelines that may directly apply to your UNIQUE file.

As you can see above “THE PROCESS” is very important.

Contacting my office means you wish to proceed with a full mortgage pre-qualification.  

Whether you are purchasing your first home or your 5th home.  If you are wanting to refinance your home, set up a Home Equity Line of Credit OR renew your mortgage-I can help.

Get started with the ONLINE APPLICATION


Allow a licensed Mortgage Professional that is up to speed with ALL of the Government mandated rule changes, lender guidelines and has the experience to walk you through the mortgage approval process- help you.


I am always available.