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Tammy Wandzura

Mortgage Broker 

Tammy Wandzura has been working within the finance industry since 2002 and as a Mortgage Broker based in Saskatoon since 2005. Throughout her career, Tammy’s goals, motivations, and core values surround the customer journey and experience. She fine-tunes the details, ensuring that she meets and exceeds each client’s expectations. 

Simplifying the process from pre-approval to possession date, working with clients from all walks of life with unique situations, assisting clients in reaching their goals, and dedicated to creating a success story for each person she works with. 

Tammy has continued to build a team that her clients have learned to depend on and trust. She consistently engages with the most innovative security, and client experience-based technology available.

She (along with her fabulous team) is here to provide you with the best mortgage rates, lender options, and, most importantly – the customer experience. 

Best Rates. Best Service.

Taking care of the most important mortgage yours!!

  • We are unique - each team member (Broker and Admin Assistants) is fully licensed through the FCAA (Financial Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan)
    • The FCAA mandates us to "work in the borrower's best interests"
    • Each team member has met both education and experience requirements that the FCAA sets out as suitable for licensing
    • Being fully licensed requires us to comply with all aspects of the FCAA legislation and requires us to complete ongoing education and annual assessments for ongoing licensing renewal
  • We treat each transaction like it’s our own mortgage approval, with a passion, respect for situations, and need for a quick and efficient turnaround.
  • Our team is here to help you make your dreams a reality. We share your same goals, and we are committed to the overall success of your request.
  • We strive to impress & gain the respect of each and every one of our clients, exceeding all of their expectations & earning their trust for future referral business
  • We carry ourselves with friendly professionalism that allows us to be easily approachable in meetings or over the phone.
  • We believe in integrity, honesty, and total transparency for the client
  • Always “doing right” by the client – no matter what
  • We are First Time Homebuyer specialists. We work hard at making the process thorough but simple to understand. We will walk you through the home buying process step by step.
  • Experience since 2002 in the Finance and Mortgage Industry. We are your experts in everything related to your mortgage.
  • Most important we understand the need for balance. Our goal is to work all along the way and lead you towards mortgage freedom with tips and suggestions that can pay your mortgage off faster. We also understand that outside of your mortgage you may have children, extracurricular, family, travel, and other hobbies and passions you need to focus on. we are here to assist you with finding a balance of mortgage, bills, and life!
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Marie Leuschen

Lic# 316584

Client Experience Specialist and Administrative Assistance to Tammy Wandzura, Mortgage Broker

Marie has been part of Tammy’s team since 2013 and part of the mortgage industry since 2009.
Originally from Humboldt, she moved to Saskatoon to attend the University of Saskatchewan where she completed two four-year science degrees focused on the environment. A few years later, she completed an additional diploma course at the SIAST campus in Prince Albert.

Being in several customer service positions over the years has fine-tuned her ability to assist and organize our clients in various and sometimes unique situations.  

Marie is here to assist each of our clients by simplifying the requirements from the lenders, giving solid instructions, feedback, and direction to keep the files moving quickly and efficiently. 

Marie is licensed through the FCAA (Financial Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan) Lic# 316584

Belinda MacNeil

Belinda MacNeil

Lic# 511180

Client Experience Specialist and Administrative Assistance to Tammy Wandzura, Mortgage Broker

Belinda MacNeil was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, and immigrated to Canada in 2008.

Until late 2019, her career was primarily in the travel industry, spent in product development and marketing. In 2019, she started her own business, supporting entrepreneurs with back-office support, allowing them to focus on their business and clients.

Currently working with Tammy’s team since early in 2021, her 25+ years of experience in the travel industry is amazingly in line with that of the mortgage industry. The attention to detail required, regular follow-up, and the ability to work with multiple vendors (lenders), understanding each of their products, policies, terms, and conditions.

Belinda is here to fine-tune the client experience from pre-approval to possession date, answering all your questions.  

Belinda is licensed through the FCAA (Financial Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan) Lic# 511180