It has been quite the whirlwind since the beginning of March in the mortgage world- with historically low oil prices and the COVID 19 crisis…mortgage rates have been down (and then down some more) back up a touch and now we are seeing decreases again, leading into the Spring market as lenders compete to get what little purchase business is happening on their books.

What does that mean for you?

If you own a home: Is your rate is above 3%?

We need to chat. (even if your term is not due)

Looking to REFINANCE your mortgage?

We need to chat.

AND if you are looking to PURCHASE you have picked a great time (from a mortgage rate perspective)

Although we have all been living through some unprecedented times with the COVID 19 crisis- the benefit is LOWER MORTGAGE RATES.

If your RENEWAL is due in the next 30-120 days…

We need to chat.

Lenders have REALLY stepped it up and are rolling out some NEW and very UNIQUE mortgage products that we have not seen for a long time.

Creating NEW mortgage products and terms that can assist consumers in what we are all calling the ‘new normal’.


Is a CASH BACK mortgage something that could work for you? With historically LOW rates the cash back option (up to 3% cash in your jeans) when you do a purchase or renewal – it’s a very flexible option for those that wish to do upgrades to their home or payout debt before they have the equity in their home to refinance.

Learn more about how a cash back mortgage works by reading our most recent blog below.  Questions? Contact me directly for more information.

THREE FOR FREE- Mortgage Payments:


We have one lender that will pay the interest for our customers for three months (for a total of 90 days) on new insured mortgage applications. Its a nice option for those that might want to have a lower payment for the first 3 months of home ownership or during these uncertain times if transferring the current mortgage from another lender.

Is this product right for you?  I am happy to answer questions!


With pricing on mortgages dipping down (again) to all time lows- NOW is the time to do an ANNUAL REVIEW.

There is ZERO pressure. We are simply here to run your numbers forwards (and backwards) ☺ and determine if it makes sense to consider a mid term renewal.

Sometimes when we run those numbers- it makes sense, other times it does not. Certainly does not hurt to look into it.

Want me to take a peak? EMAIL ME your annual mortgage statement.

We have built our business over the last 15 years:

• Creating and building strong client relationships.

• Earning trust and respect.

• Keeping up with systems and technology that make the process SIMPLE.

• Exceeding clients expectations.

These key values will be how we continue through challenging and slower times. 

100% focus on you. Our client.

You have QUESTIONS? We have ANSWERS.

We (in the mortgage industry) know there have been (and still are) a ton of questions relating to mortgage payment deferrals and qualification for new home purchases or renewals (through the COVID layoff situations.  The lenders have had the time to get a good handle on what the ‘new normal’ looks like. We are working with our lender partners day to day to find solutions for our clients needs (in all shapes and sizes).


It has been business as usual for us.  We have been ‘paperless’ and remote for over 2.5 years.

Our goal is to SIMPLIFY the process from beginning to end.

We have been forward thinking for years and we are regularly adding NEW, user friendly technology to “the process”.

APPLY online at

MORTGAGE RENEWALS are still happening

Although PURCHASE transactions have slowed down through the COVID crisis- there are still RENEWAL’s coming due every day.

As your TRUSTED Mortgage Broker we are here to find the best rate, lender and term options for you.

Your continued mortgage business at RENEWAL time is very appreciated.

Renewal coming due in 30-120 days?  Contact us at 306.933.3386 OR email me direct at 


Looking to get PRE-QUALIFIED? 

We are here to help!

APPLY ONLINE at and we will be in touch immediately with your borrowing options.

We are always here to answer questions and provide advice.


Contacting us is not all about the “mortgage”.

It’s about the RELATIONSHIP.

It’s about TRUST.

It’s about the PROCESS.

The Customer Service Experience is the highest priority for us.

Treating each “transaction” like our very own mortgage approval.

That means – great service, great communication, great follow up, speedy approvals and best rates.

It’s more than just the “mortgage”.

It’s about making connections.

It’s about amazing communication and REALLY CARING.

We are here to help all along the way.

We understand that the Customer Service Experience is WHY we have “life long” clients and WHY our business is built on referrals from happy clients.

Your WHY is our WHY.

Building relationships.

Building trust.

Contact us today at 306.933.3386 OR APPLY online at 

Tammy Wandzura-Mortgage Broker            Brydon Wandzura- Mortgage Associate