About Marie Leuschen, Executive Administrative Assistant & Client Care Specialist to Tammy Wandzura

I have happily been part of Tammy’s team since 2013 and part of TMG (The Mortgage Group) as a whole since 2009.

I moved to Saskatoon from Humboldt SK to attend the University of Saskatchewan where I completed two four year science degrees focussed on the environment.  A few years later I completed an additional diploma course at the SIAST campus in Prince Albert.

Several customer service positions allowed me to pay for all that education and gave me a wonderfully varied idea of how to help people in many different situations.  

When the opportunity to work with TMG came around, I found my lack of knowledge of the mortgage world one of my best qualities in helping people.  I was able to generalize the requirements from the lenders and give instructions in a real-world simple way using plain English language rather than obscure lender abbreviations.

Nothing makes me happier than when I can help guide a client who is feeling completely lost in the process through to absolute clarity and confidence in their mortgage decision.  

With mortgage requirements and qualifications changing regularly, I sympathize with people who feel frustrated and ask why so much information and paperwork is requested.  The largest part of my job is sifting through that paperwork and organizing it so the client can put their best foot forward with a file that looks as shiny as possible when presented to the lender.  I am ready and willing to answer any questions on why anything is needed, where to find it or how to get it to us. If I could, I would accompany the clients while digging through their boxes of documents to make it even easier, but that service isn’t available just yet. ?

I’m looking forward to continuing with Tammy’s team.  You can’t help but appreciate working with people who have their client’s best interest in mind and go above and beyond every day.