The POWER Of A Team Is hard to describe.

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You will immediately know you are in the best hands when you contact our office.

No matter the market conditions (crazy busy being the last two years), having the friendliest, best-trained, and most educated staff has always been my number one goal.


Our focus is continually on the client experience. This dedication includes our industry self-growth, licensing, training, and ongoing education. Hard work, dedication, and perseverance have allowed us to fine-tune, refine and tailor the client journey to what it is today.


Having a total of three in the office (myself) and my two fabulous assistants, Marie and Belinda, we can stay on top of everything related to this fast pace industry.


Taking care of the most important mortgage - yours

We are unique - each team member (Broker and Admin Assistants) is fully licensed through the FCAA (Financial Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan)

  • The FCAA mandates us to "work in the borrower's best interests"
  • Each team member has met both education and experience requirements that the FCAA sets out as suitable for licensing
  • Being fully licensed requires us to comply with all aspects of the FCAA legislation and requires us to complete ongoing education and annual assessments for ongoing licensing renewal


As a team, we LOVE giving back to our clients and partners.

We have always rewarded every client with a treat to thank you for your continued business and support. We have moved away from physical gift cards to GUUSTO.

A program that allows our clients to purchase any treat they wish as a thank you for working with us!

We love giving back through GUSSTO's One drop initiative. 

We have provided OVER 649 days of CLEAN drinking water through ONE DROP

GUUSTO is a proud partner with One Drop to provide clean drinking water and sanitation to 17 communities around the world.

One Drop's projects will soon have improved the living conditions of more than 2.1 million people, in 13 countries. 

OUR IMPACT: We have sent out over $34,000 in GUUSTO Gift cards AND through the GUUSTO gift card program have provided OVER 649 days of CLEAN drinking water through One Drop! 


The POWER Of A Team Is hard to describe.

The POWER Of A Team Is hard to describe.

We ask every single client where they got our name

You will see your treats come through on your text and email

The POWER Of A Team Is hard to describe.

The POWER Of A Team Is hard to describe.

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