Mortgage Pre-Qualification

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Being prepared means saving money

  • Applying online is the first step 
  • We are here to create a success story for you
  • A pre-qualification is strongly suggested for any home purchase you are planning in the next one month to one year.
  • Getting pre-qualified is the single most important step of the home buying journey.
  • There is a difference between a preapproval or 60 second online approval vs a pre-qualification
  • Being prepared and being organized before you start house hunting is imperative.
  • Mortgage approval guidelines are standard in most situations.
  • A mortgage pre-qualification will include a full application (online), review of credit, collecting and review of all supporting documents (proof of income and downpayment) and a full broker review.
  • We will provide a detailed break down (easy to understand) of your pre-approval limits and any other information to assist you with your next steps.
  • We will rate hold your file for 120 days. If rates move down, we will automatically request the rate drop.
  • We monitor the market; your specific file and your rate hold until you find the perfect home.
  • We will continue to work with you, answer questions, provide new example calculations and keep your application updated throughout the house hunting journey. If that takes you two weeks, two months, or two years, there is never any rush.
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