We Simplify The Final Steps

Author: Mock Webware |

Our fantastic reputation with industry lender partners allows us to take all the information we have gathered and work behind the scenes to solidify a timely final approval.

  • Once we have the final lender approval, we will provide you with a detailed mortgage summary, and a detailed personalized video, and we will walk you through executing the final digital signing. 
  • We will explain all the ‘next steps’ you may have to consider.
  • We follow up with your lawyer to ensure they have everything they need on time.
  • We continue to monitor your file leading into your funding date. We watch for dropping rates that we may be able to apply to your file before closing date and provide you any other market updates.
  • We stay by your side all through the life of your mortgage.
  • We are here to answer any questions or assist in any other mortgage journey including, your renewal, refinance, or other purchases in the future.