We Collect The Most Important Details

Author: Mock Webware |

Your personal secure, online account and customer portal will allow you to upload all the supporting documents we need to do a full review in real-time.

  • You do not have to wait for a team member to start sending us your supporting documents.
  • Our “smart doc” system will automatically create a list of documentation we will need to review once you apply.
  • That means, if you are applying late in the evening or on the weekend you can keep things moving without waiting for a phone call or email update.
  • In many cases, when we receive an application with full documents attached, we can provide the information you need and a complete pre-qualification within just a few hours. 
  • We will work with you all along the way to ensure we have collected, reviewed, and prepared your documents in a way the lender will accept.
  • The more detailed information we have, the faster we can work behind the scenes with our trusted lender partners to solidify the best rates and your final approval once you have found your perfect home.