Joanne Dorward- Saskatchewan

As seen on Google Reviews: 5 star Wow, how easy was this process! Tammy and Marie are amazing to work with, nothing is too much trouble for either of them. A fantastic experience. We would recommend them highly to anyone! Thanks Ladies, we could not be happier with your service.

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Karlene Britton- Warman, SK.

As seen on Google Reviews: 5 star This was our first time with a mortgage broker - we contacted Tammy for the purpose of renewing our mortgage. Tammy and Marie are super friendly and very efficient. It is nice to receive clear explanations and good advice from someone knowledgeable who truly seems to have our [...]

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Marv Righi- Saskatoon, SK.

As seen on Google Reviews: 5 star Never having used a mortgage broker before, we had no idea what to expect. I saw the bill board with the million dollar smile and made the call. No matter the time of day or day of the week, Tammy and Marie were ready to answer any questions [...]

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Teagan Burke- Saskatoon, SK.

As seen on Facebook Review: Working with Tammy and Marie was wonderful. They made the whole mortgage process so easy and uncomplicated. I loved that anytime we had a question, we'd send off a quick email and get a response in no time at all with a well-explained answer. I would recommend Tammy to anyone, [...]

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Lisette Wolfe- Osler, SK.

As seen on Facebook Review: For someone who had no idea about getting a mortgage, Tammy was amazing. She took me through the process step by step always making sure I knew what was going on. She is very professional and a pleasure to deal with. Thank you Tammy and team for helping make my [...]

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Tammy Stewart- Warman, SK.

As seen on Facebook Review: Working with Tammy was comfortable, easy & very efficient. Mortgages can be quite overwhelming & confusing! Tammy is very knowledgeable with the industry and was really able to simplify the entire process for us. She answered every question we threw at her and ensured we understood our options. This is [...]

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