Kacey Cross- Saskatoon, SK

Tammy was very helpful and worked quickly to get me approved for a mortgage in a very short window of time due to my deadlines.  Her help was very much appreciated and resulted in a much lower rate of interest than the previous mortgage I was approved for.

2017-06-26T13:01:27-06:00June 26th, 2017|

Saskatoon Mortgage Broker- Tammy Wandzura: PST on CMHC premiums as of August 1/2017

CMHC has recently advised us that there will be a 6% PST charge on all Mortgage Default insurance premiums (CMHC/GE/Canada Guaranty) as of August 1/2017 Notice to Mortgage Brokers June 8, 2017 Re: Saskatchewan provincial sales tax to apply to mortgage loan insurance premiums and surcharges CMHC will be required to collect 6% provincial sales [...]

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