Rae Hawkins & Matt Johnson- Saskatoon, SK.

Tammy was very kind and informative.  She took the time required to address all of our questions and concerns.  I would absolutely recommend her to any first time home buyers!

May 19th, 2017|

Enrique Aburto & Patricia Arreguin- Saskatoon, SK.

Tammy is very knowledgeable and offered us a very good deal according to our financial requirements and possibilities.  She was always very helpful and willing to guide us during the process.  Thank you so much Tammy.

May 19th, 2017|

Janelle Prisciak- Saskatoon, SK

Tammy was great to work with, she explained thoroughly the numbers and process.  Would definitely recommend her to friends & family.

May 19th, 2017|

Donna Pawluk- Saskatoon, SK.

Always a pleasure to deal with Tammy.  We feel totally confident we can trust her to have our best interest at heart.

May 12th, 2017|

Rolando & Teresita Parrocha- Saskatoon, SK.

Tammy is a very accommodating mortgage broker.

May 10th, 2017|

Eric & Laurie Carter- Lucky Lake, SK

It was a pleasure dealing with Tammy.  Having someone on your side during the stressful process was a nice feeling.  We really appreciate all you have done for us and will definitely recommend Tammy to our friends and family.  Thanks so much for all your hard work in getting this in place for us.

May 10th, 2017|

Saskatoon Mortgage Broker- Tammy Wandzura: Knowledge is POWER- NEW Mortgage Rules and what they mean for you

This photo really says it all to me. WHO can we trust to know we are getting detailed, knowledgeable and ACCURATE information related to anything "finance" related anymore? There is SO much information online - easily accessible.  BUT is it accurate? Is it true? There have literally been hundreds of mortgage rule changes in the [...]

May 9th, 2017|

Saskatoon Mortgage Broker-Tammy Wandzura: Mortgage STRESS TEST – what does that mean for you?

There is a lot of confusion about what the STRESS TEST means for your mortgage pre-approval and the future of your home ownership dreams. NEW Government mandated RULES as of October 17, 2016 All insured (less than 20% down payment) home buyers must qualify at a "stress test" rate of the Bank of Canada's posted [...]

May 9th, 2017|

Saskatoon Mortgage Broker: Tammy Wandzura: Is NOW a good time to buy?

It is all about Balance Purchasing a home simply means you are NOT renting anymore and you are building equity into your very own home. Is NOW a good time to buy?? There are some really amazing homes for sale right now at amazing price points.  Rates are holding at historical all time lows. As [...]

May 4th, 2017|