Saskatoon Mortgage Broker: Tammy Wandzura: Banks have lowered their PRIME lending rate to 2.85%- Pay your mortgage off faster!

The news we have all been waiting for! The banks have announced today that they have lowered their PRIME lending rate to 2.85% (Previously 3%) What does that mean for you? For those that are currently house hunting and looking at Variable rates your rate will be even lower than you originally anticipated For those [...]

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Saskatoon Mortgage Broker: Tammy Wandzura—Mortgage Rates are dropping! Great news for First Time Home Buyers

HAPPY NEW YEAR! What a way to start out 2015! Mortgage Rates are dropping! Although the Global Oil Crisis is not good new... The Fed's lowering the Bank of Canada overnight rate IS a GREAT thing for those looking to buy or homeowners looking to renew into low low interest rates! Low Mortgage Rates [...]

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Saskatoon Mortgage Broker: Mortgage Rates May Go down even further….January 2015 Mortgage Report

Happy 2015 to everyone! We start the year with market concerns and the price of Oil dropping quickly and significnalty Many of us are wondering how this will affect the market, our business's and Canada's overall economic stability in the near future The National Post has an article yesterday that outlines that the Bank of [...]

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