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August 30, 2016

Saskatoon Mortgage Broker: Tammy Wandzura: BROKER vs Bank – What to consider

tammy wandzura saskatoon mortgage broker working for you









The big question: BROKER vs BANK

The Broker industry depends on strong personal, long term relationships.

Mortgage Brokers build their business’s by creating strong, well nurtured relationships that they want to see last the life time of their clients mortgage.

Mortgage Brokers in Canada are provincially legislated to WORK IN THE BEST INTEREST of the consumer. We are partners with our lenders- but we are licensed and legislated to work for you and what is best for you and your family.

In an every changing economy where technology has made things easier for all of us- Banks are cutting jobs.  They are reorganizing to adapt to an ever changing market and consumer that is embracing technology.

What does that mean for you? Limited personal realtionships on a bank level when it comes to your mortgage, accounts and inquiries.

Mortgage Brokers are up to speed with all of the latest technologies.

We have the ability to take an applicaion, prepare the numbers and be in touch with you in a matter of minutes and hours. For the clients that still see the value in speaking with someone locally or meeting to forge that personal long term relationship – we are here for you.

We adapt to what you – our client needs.

We offer the best products rates and service available in the industry – all at no cost to you

When considering what direction to go with your next home purchase, refinance or renewal please consider calling me to discuss your options. We are also available via email/text/Facebook/Google+

Have an amazing end to your August

Best Regards,

Tammy Wandzura, Mortgage Broker AMP

A recent article was recently released from MortgageBrokerNews.ca
Big bank slashes jobs

by Bloomberg | 30 Aug 2016

Bank of Nova Scotia eliminated 827 jobs since the end of April, mostly in its Canadian business, as the lender reorganized to adapt to consumers embracing digital technology.

The company had 88,783 workers in the fiscal third quarter, which ended July 31, down from 89,610 in the second quarter, when the bank took a C$278 million ($213 million) restructuring charge to cover the cost of job cuts and other productivity measures. The Toronto-based bank had 1,571 fewer employees than a year ago, a 1.7 percent reduction, according to financial disclosures Tuesday.

Chief Executive Officer Brian Porter said in April that he’s reorganizing to address “significant ongoing shifts” by consumers toward banking by mobile phones, tablets and computers while streamlining the lender’s operations. Those efforts included unspecified job cuts across the firm, including Canadian banking and wealth management, as well as 400 jobs in information technology.

Canadian banking had 25,436 employees at the end of April, down 929 from the second quarter, while international banking had 114 fewer workers. The capital-markets business was up five employees to 2,587.

Bank of Montreal was the only other company among Canada’s five biggest banks to reduce its ranks in the third quarter, with 102 fewer employees since the end of April, according to financial statements.


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